A place that makes dreams come true

20 December, 2019

“Like it was yesterday, I remember how I had tears in my eyes on beautiful Malibu beach at night – and I said yes. I had so many thing in my head, I was full of happiness. 

And on the day afterwards my fiancé surprised me with the fact that her had already booked the fantastic location for our wedding…only ten months later.

So fast I went to countless wedding dress stores to find my dream come true dress…but I failed in many ways. The customer experience was in all stores the same: Boring. All stores look the same.

No wow, no x-factor, no special styles. So I decided to design my own dress for my wedding. And since then I try my best to design wow dresses.

Because the brides who come to us from all over Poland don’t want average nor boring.They want to be the star of their wedding!

I am truly proud to present my new bridal store which is on the highest standards with the pursue to be the very best. It’s a place that makes dreams come true…”