HOLY WATER – World Premiere

18 May, 2020

KAROLINA SEEGER is the first designer in the world to take the courageous step and incorporate holy water straight from the Vatican into a wedding dress. With this unique design, KAROLINA SEEGER shows an extravagant wedding dress of the highest class on the international stage.

The world premiere will take place on May 18, 2020 in honor of the 100th birthday of Pope John Paul II.

The impressive wedding dress is produced in a limited edition and is made with materials from Italy and New York. The unique peculiarity is the holy water of the Vatican, which was incorporated into the wedding dress in a special designed, sewn-in label.

The bride, thanks to the presence of holy water directly in the dress she wears, can feel unique and special.

Furthermore, the spoken words of Pope John Paul II were elaborately incorporated into the fabric of the wedding dress: “You must be strong with a love that is more powerful than death…you must be strong with a love that is patient, gracious…”.

Thus the creation of KAROLINA SEEGER is unique in the world and its symbolism creates an experience that will certainly remain in the memory of the bride for a life-time…