Karolina Seeger and her unique project Ocean of the Future

7 November, 2020

Karolina Seeger needed 8 months of preparations to complete this project!

Finding the perfect material to meet your requirements, the sewing process and campaign planning is an absorbing process. But the effect is stunning!

“We are very proud of this project and the idea it brings with it!

Fashion unfortunately goes hand in hand with high consumerism and waste.

Thanks to this project we want to show that every, even the smallest move of each of us towards less consumption and “controlling our rubbish” will make us make the planet better together! “

The beginning of March was special for Karolina Seeger – she went on a dream trip to Bali island.

“I realized how littered the island is. Walking on the beach was in some places avoiding plastic packages, straws and bottles. It was difficult to enjoy the surrounding views with the thought in mind that such a beautiful place is being destroyed by human indifference. “

Therefore, the designer decided to create a project that would raise awareness of the problem. In one of the local factories, we managed to purchase material that has been recycled. It was used in the original Ocean of the Future project. The Bali dress is made of 100% recycled material. Symbolically, the dress returned to the water during the photo shoot to show the product life cycle. The styling is complemented by a souvenir from Bali, an old tire bracelet made by a local craftsman.

The Ocean of the Future project can now be seen in Karolina Seeger’s stationary showroom in Wrocław.
It will soon be donated to the Museum.