Karolina Seeger As Expert On TVN24

20 April, 2020

Last weekend fashion designer Karolina Seeger was invited to TVN24 to share her expertise on tv.

Thousands of weddings have been canceled these days and it is clear that if weddings will take place in 2020, it will be in a different way from what we have seen it before.

Many customers of KAROLINA SEEGER Showroom are facing this new situation and therefore the demand of beautiful masks that suit the wedding dress are rising.

Karolina Seeger said: “It’s the most important thing that my brides feel and look amazing on their special day. And if a mask is becoming a part of the wedding dress, let’s make it beautiful and fitting to the dress.”

In this 2 minute interview on TVN24 Karolina Seeger explained as an expert the situation and how the future will look like.