1 March, 2020

We are very proud to announce that KAROLINA SEEGER Showroom was awarded the “BEST BRIDAL STORE POLAND 2020” by Bridal Awards Poland.

Poland has some very beautiful bridal salon, so the honor to be named the best among all of these is amazing.

“My team and I have worked very hard for this success, so we are very proud!” Karolina Seeger states.

The bridal salon in an old ballroom right on Rynek in Wroclaw is a stunning location with sexy and beautiful wedding dresses. But besides the hard-facts Karolina Seeger is exceptional proud to be recognized for the special customer experience offered to every single customer. Karolina Seeger says: “Every customer feels like a star with us.” From the moment the customer enters the showroom for the very first time until the final pick up of the dress is a beautiful journey. It’s all the little things that make the difference – from getting Moet champagne while ordering the dress to getting ever-lasting pink roses at the try-on.

We believed that KAROLINA SEEGER was different than all other bridal salons in Poland. But now all Poland knows that we are the BEST BRIDAL STORE POLAND.